N3KL 23cm repeater project

23cm repeater antenna
Repeater antenna is on top.

The repeater went on the air 12/15/2001
  • Output: 1286.1 MHz
  • Input: 1274.1 MHz (-12)
  • Current Status Operating with reduced output power (~12w to antenna) due to PA failure.
    Purpose to provide an opportunity for local area hams to use the 23cm band more frequently, and to challenge them to improve their skill and equipment by working this difficult band.
    CoordinationFull Coordination was issued by T-MARC on Feb. 16, 2002.
    ExciterTM-541 modified for modulator input.
    Power AmpCurrently shopping around
    ReceiverTM-541 modified for discriminator output
    DuplexerTxRx Systems 4 cavity bp/br 23cm Duplexer
    Antennas/FeedlineDiamond U200A fed with Andrew LDF4-50 7/8" hardline.
    ControllerCat 200B in minimalist mode
    OtherBehringer PEQ-2200 Parametric EQ (for pre-emphasis)
    Behringer 8024 DSP (for delay and de-emphasis)